Valgrisenche is a miniature Canada in the centre of the Alps with 20 drop off points between 3200mt. and 3500mt., a choice of over 100 different descents with a vertical drop of between 1500mt. and 2100mt. Excellent snow conditions, huge open spaces, a real paradise for off piste skiers and snowboarders. The professionalism of the Alpine Guides and the organisation of the Heli base in Canadian style is a guarantee of high quality.
Important and distinguished visitors to the Heli base have also helped to create a good image within the valley.The organisation offers both to the Guides and it’s clients a wealth of experience of over 20 years of business.
The person responsible for the Heli base is Danilo Garin, an Alpine Guide from 1981 with extensive experience of Canadian Heliski (C.M.H.) and Kirgikistan,Caucasus and Turkey. Danilo speaks English, French and Italian.
Length of stay:
Our helicopter base functions from 10th January to 15th May. Arrival at the Hotel in time for dinner ( around 19.30 ) the day before the first days skiing.
The ideal group size is of 4 persons, or multiples of the same, of a similar level who know each other.
All of our pilots have a great deal of experience in mountain flying.
Alpin Guides:
Leader guide: GARIN DANILO
 Team Esprit Montagne

The Alpine Guides are serious and competent professionals and know the region extremely well. When choosing the slopes, priority will always be given to the safety of all skiers / snowboarders. Generally each Guide is responsible for 4 clients.
Standard of skiing:
More important than sheer technique, is general overall physical condition and the ability to ski in all snow conditions.
Snow conditions in Valgrisenche:
Generally from January until the end of April the descents are snow covered fron the peaks right down to the valley floor with the quality and quantity of powder conditions varying due to the winter. One thing for sure is that the particular micro-climate present in Valgisenche allows for abundant fresh snow conditions through till the end of April, and the transformed spring snow conditions usually found in April can be experienced already in March. Don’t trust the snow conditions in neighbouring areas as Valgrisenche has it’s own special climate.
We recommend the new freerider skis which allow you to ski without fatigue even in difficult, irregular snow conditions. It is possible to rent them at the Heli base, it is recommended to book them ahead of time.
The guides always carry first aid equipment with them. If necessary, the helicopter will transport the casualty to the hospital in Aosta. Each guide is connected via radio with the heli base. We suggest that you check your accident insurance policy before you leave.
We equip each skier / snowboarder with a searching system (Ortovox).
Bad weather:
In the case of bad weather alternative itineraries are chosen by the guide for off piste skiing in nearby areas (aprox. 40 mins of mini-bus transfer) or Ski touring and Ice climbing.